My Space Progress

No new progress to note. I emailed people that were affiliated with Second Life in My Space from Public's My Space account. I got back a ton of responses related to sex. So, that didn't work. I think I will have to brand him or make him a good or service of some type for this experiment to yield any results. No interest so far.

Terms of Service (TOS) - Potential Violations

Under the constraints of this project, and as pointed out by another SL'er, I am potentially violating some of the terms of service if anyone does participate in this project. Other than getting kicked off of SL, I am not sure what the implications are. If you want to know more about SL TOS go to:

As an artist interested in rules and system parameters, I am willing to take this risk as a part of my research and this exercise. Hopefully this will result in more positive outcomes than just getting in trouble because of TOS violations. We'll see.

MySpace Response - WaterFall

WaterFall Semyorka
"♥ Alice in Wonderland ♥"

28 years old
Second Life, Illinois
United States

Welcome to my MySpace page. It's different from most MySpace pages because it's not about me in real life, it's about my imagination and creativity in a virtual world. It is about how I have a lot of fun there!

I am an avitar and I live in the virtual reality world Second Life. I enjoy exploring the mainland and visiting as many of the thousands of islands as I can. I especially love to meet people, I think I spend most of my time chatting! I also am a photographer, a swordfighter, an Amazon warrior, a Vampire Queen(yes I bite!) and a dancer. I lived in a condo before the island it was on got destroyed, now I live in a cozy little shack out in a swamp. And one of these days I'm finally going to learn how to build... my own castle on my own island!

My name in Second Life is WaterFall Semyorka and I was born on 11/17/2006.

The above is from the page of the person that responded to me. Below is what she writes:

Not sure if thats a good idea... letting others use your account is a TOS violation. Besides, I and most people who are regular in SL have alt accounts, and yes it is nice to have a change and fun do the things you mentioned..
but at same time have money and buy stuff.
I'm afraid Public would always be broke and sooner or later someone will use him to do something bad. And
get him terminated by LL.

But then, that is the experiment - to see what happens? lol

Have fun,

I am so pleased that someone responded. Now I have to figure out what the implications are of her response. Should I equip Public with some money? Does his getting into trouble affect me in any way really? Would people just use him to cause trouble? And of course, maybe there isn't a need because people already have alt accounts. Thanks for the response WaterFall! It was thoughtful and full of useful information.

Public in MySpace too!

Just to let you all in on what's going on with Public, I started a MySpace page for him/her. I'm hoping it will help advertise as well as "flesh" him out so to speak. I don't yet have my own MySpace page so it should be interesting. But, should you find Public here or there, feel free to comment in either forum about your use/experiences with Public. Let your friends know they can use Public too. I'd like to see if there is a need/want for this and if so where it goes.

Public in NYC

Public in NYC
Originally uploaded by oneskullproductions

Everyone's Avatar - Public Infinity

I don't know if I'm the first but I've decided to create an avatar that anyone can use. I'm interested in seeing if people will have a reason to use him/her.

Do you want a change from your own avatar? Do you want to interact with people you normally do and see if they act differently with this avatar? Do you just want to have fun messing with someone else's avatar? Let me know your reason(s) should you use Public. I'm intersted.

You are welcome to send me pictures of changes you make to this avatar and I will post them. I also welcome comments about using him/her on my blog. If this becomes popular enough I will create a separate blog for it.

Currently Public is a man. Feel free to change that as well. I ask that you do not change Public's log in information or account information so that he/she can remain useful to the public. Thank You in advance.

Now to the important stuff! To log in and take advantage of this offer use the information below.

Your avatar name is: Public Inifinity

Your password is: pandes

Public's current SL location: New New York - Times Square

Email for this avatar is received at

I will be taking your questions and/or comments either at Public's email, my own or here on this blog. Have fun!